Outdoor Women's Pull Ring Self-defense Tool LED Light

Color: Black

Stay safe and secure in any situation with this Outdoor Women's Pull Ring Self-Lighted Device Light led. 

Its bright LED light draw attention to potential attackers, giving you an edge in any situation. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing you have extra protection at your fingertips.

Secure your safety with this Outdoor Women's Pull Ring Self-defense Device LED Light. Clip it to your bag with the carabiner for easy carrying. Pull out the ring to sound a 125dbb loud alarm + activate the LED light for a bright warning. Push it back in to turn off. Use it for mountaineering, night running, contact lights, or warning lights. When walking alone in the dark, it can scare off potential danger with its alarm. It also gives elderly individuals an extra sense of security and assurance. Let children use it when walking to and from school to sound out suspicious persons.


Product information:

This pocket-sized self defense device is just 71.5mm x 38mm x 14.5mm and weighs a mere 27.5g! Its powerful 125dB siren and high-quality ABS construction mean you'll always have reliable protection.

 Packing list: Siren x1

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