KF106 Laser Obstacle Avoidance 360 Three-axis Cloud Head Folding Brushless GPS Optical Flow Dual-camera Four-axis Drone

style: Battery

Get a bird's eye view with the KF106 Laser Obstacle Avoidance Drone

Product information:

Material: Plastic
Size: 40*40*12.5CM

Packing list:


The KF106 Drone offers a unique flying experience by incorporating laser obstacle avoidance technology. This cutting-edge feature ensures that your drone avoids obstacles in its path, providing not only longer flight time but also enhanced safety. The device comes with a 360-degree three-axis cloud head, ensuring precise control and stability even in adverse weather conditions.

With a folding brushless GPS and optical flow dual-camera system, this four-axis drone lets you capture high-quality photos and videos from different angles. The folding design makes it extremely portable and easy to carry around, and the brushless motors ensure quiet operation and lower power consumption.

The drone is also equipped with a sophisticated flight control system, making it suitable even for beginners. You can easily control the drone's flight path, speed, and altitude. Moreover, the drone comes with an automatic return function, which pulls back the drone when the battery is low or if it loses connection with the controller.

In conclusion, the KF106 Laser Obstacle Avoidance Drone is the definitive gadget for all drone enthusiasts. It combines innovative technology, user-friendly features, and a robust design to provide a thrilling and safe flying experience. Invest in KF106 Drone today and elevate your photography to new heights.

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