Headlight repair agent set _ Car Lamp Renovation Repair Agent Set

Color Classification: 30ml Set Boxed

This Car Lamp Renovation Repair Agent Set

This Headlight repair agent set_Car Lamp Renovation Repair Agent Set is designed to help you keep your car in top condition. Its easy-to-use formula is designed to remove dirt and grime from headlights, and restore their original brightness, making your car look cleaner and brighter. Perfect for all kinds of cars!

Product information:
Color classification: 10ml set (boxed),30ml set (boxed),50ml set (boxed),50ml,10ml,30ml
Storage: cool and dry place
Applicable: applicable to all car lights
Features: clean the dirt of car lights

Packing list: Plating solution * 1 Dust free cloth * 1 Sponge * 1

Product Image:

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