360 Degree Night Vision Camera-HD Outdoor Security Camera

Color: White
Electrical outlet: EU

Detailed Overview of 360 Degree Night Vision HD Outdoor Security Camera

Product information:

Pixels: 2 million (dpi)
Type: IP Camera
Style: outdoor ball machine
Minimum illumination: 0.1 (Lux)
Resolution: 1080P
Lens: 6 (mm)
Alarm function: support
Material: PVC

Packing list:


Our 360 Degree Night Vision HD Outdoor Security Camera offers all-round protection ensuring your peace of mind. Featuring highly advanced night vision technology, collectively worked with comprehensive 360-degree coverage, it captures every detail in a crisp High Definition resolution.

What makes our camera stand out is its exceptional night vision capabilities. It is engineered to offer clear and detailed footage, even in complete darkness. Whether you're using it for home safety, or for commercial spaces, our night vision camera has got you covered. You can remain assured knowing you have an extra set of digital eyes, tirelessly working 24/7.

Besides its outstanding night vision feature, the camera is also built robust and weatherproof. Being an outdoor camera, it can easily resist and function under tough weather conditions, withstanding both rain and dust. Therefore, offering you unceasing services without any interruptions. It's an investment towards strengthened security.

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