Wireless Wifi Solar Battery powered Camera

Color: White
power: AU

Experience Wireless Freedom with Our Solar Battery Powered Camera

  Product information:

Pixel: 2 million (dpi)
Image sensor: CMOS
Resolution: 2560*1920
Working temperature: -20~+60 (℃)
Backlight compensation: 0.1Lux color, 0Lux night
Power supply voltage: 12 (V)
Alarm function: support
Material: metal shell
Use environment: humidity 10%-90%
Effective distance: 30-50 meters
Irradiation distance of infrared light: 30 meters

Packing list: 

1*surveillance camera+1*adapter

Take your home or office security to the next level with our Wi-Fi solar battery camera. This high-tech gadget brings you the convenience of wireless mobility without compromising on the quality of surveillance. Powered by solar energy, it combines green technology with security, ensuring a win-win in all aspects. Its high-end features include motion detection, night vision, and real-time alerts making it an indispensable device for today's world.

The solar battery powered camera has an easy installation process, cutting the need for complex wiring or appliances. It works hand-in-hand with solar energy making it a reliable source of security with minimal chances of going out of service. It captures high resolution images and videos, making sure that you miss nothing. The night vision feature ensures inclusivity, enabling the camera to serve its purpose despite the time of the day. The device not only adds an extra layer of security but also helps in reducing carbon footprints.

Investing in a solar battery powered camera is a smart decision that guarantees you peace while significantly cutting down on energy costs. It gives you the liberty to monitor your property remotely without worrying about power outages. The joy of catching every detail, every movement, every instance assures that you are always alerted about the happenings around your premises. This camera is not just a gadget; it's a one-stop solution for all your security needs.

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