Affordable High Pressure Car Wireless Washing Machine

Color: 1style
Electrical outlet: Car

Portable Electric Household Rechargeable 

Stay in control of your car's cleanliness with this Wireless Lithium Battery Portable Electric Household Rechargeable Water Gun! This high-pressure gun effortlessly blasts away dirt and grime with its powerful stream, while its portable design and rechargeable battery make it easy to use wherever you go. Get a perfectly clean car every time!

Product information:

Tip material: copper, alloy
Handle material: ABS
Custom processing: Yes
Spraying distance: 7 (m)
Scope of application: car washing, floor washing, seafood washing, window glass washing, watering flowers, etc.
Water pressure: 45bar
Frame material: copper, alloy
Single product weight: 2.2 (kg)
Water gun spray type: water spray column/spray fan/45ᄚwater spray column
Size: 40*31*11 (cm)
Net weight: 2.7
Specifications: 12V lithium battery-free car plug-in type, 21V lithium battery wireless type, 24V lithium battery wireless type, 48V lithium battery wireless type, 21V battery pack, 24V battery pack, 48V battery pack, five-in-one nozzle, blow molding box, bucket

Product number power Peak pressure

12V cigarette lighter 150w 28bar

Product number power battery capacity Endurance Peak pressure
12V lithium battery 200w 12000 mAh About 20-30 minutes 30bar
Product number power battery capacity Endurance Peak pressure
24V lithium battery 400w 15600 mAh About 30-40 minutes 36bar
Product number power battery capacity Endurance Peak pressure
48VF lithium battery 600w 25000 mAh About 50-60 minutes 45bar
Note: Dear friends, please don't turn on the phone during the charging process to avoid burning out the capacitor and causing a short circuit!


Lithium battery portable, wireless car washing machine

Packing list:

High pressure car washing machine ᅲ 1


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